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              Continuous R & D + Intelligent Equipment + Optimized Design and Solution
              Lithium Ion Power Batteries

              Widely used in: electric vehicles, notebook computers, digital cameras, lighting, toys, power tools and other fields.

              Battery Module

              Used in electric vehicles (electric buses, passenger cars, logistics vehicles, sanitation vehicles, etc.), energy storage systems and consumer electronics.

              • Las Vegas
              • Netherlands
              • Seoul
              • Hong Kong
              • Melbourne

              DLG export products to Five Continents and establishes production lines and offices in many provinces throughout the whole China. The company maintains close cooperation with many North American and European enterprises. The company ranks the Top Three in the world in the electric bicycle subfield.

              In 2018, the installed capacity
              ranks 7th in China.

              Loading of New energy car was
              Top 20 in China.

              • 300
                Energy Density
              • 3400
                Unit Capacity
              • 406million

                Annual Output of Wh
              • 1.4billion

                Annual Sales
              • 1.6billion

                Total Capital
              • 96+